Sweetgrass Mornings

Sweetgrass Mornings
Sweetgrass Mornings
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Book Awards for "Sweetgrass Mornings"

2011 New Mexico Book Award Winner (Biography)

[UNM Press/New Mexico Book Award Winner!]

Drawing from a life spent mostly in the outdoors, Slim Randles brings to this book tales of humor, tenderness, and near tragedy about his years as a cowboy, a homesteader in Alaska, a dog team driver, and a hunting guide both in Alaska and in New Mexico. Some of the autobiographical stories are excerpts from his novels and non-fiction books, but most were written just for this collection.

“The backcountry smells fatalistic in Sweetgrass Mornings, the memoirs … of Slim Randles, a veteran outdoorsman who has encountered moose, bears, cougars and wolverines in his 40 years as a guide, mule packer, fisherman and newspaper journalist. These are the stories told around a campfire, with the sounds of nature as your muzak. This isn’t the fake Bear Grylls of Man Vs. Wild, but more akin to Les Stroud of Survivorman. When Randles tells you how he single-handedly fended off a cougar strike, he means it.”
- True West Magazine

“Always he blends reverence for nature with a highly developed sense of humor, usually poking fun at his own misadventures with horses, fish, and women. His tales are impossible not to enjoy.”
– Powell Books

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